Roman Family Reunion

by Curtis Chris Roman



I wrote this song and recorded it to capture what it is like at the family reunion.


let's all gather 'round Steven's lot,
build a fire with the wood we got
we'll be together
sittin' through the stormy weather
tell stories that we all forgot

aunts, uncles, cousins say to me
I remember when you were only three
sittin' on your mom's lap
skippin' stones across the pond and
here you go, have a drink on me

let's all gather 'round Steven's lot
share our pictures that time forgot
we're all instant best friends
horseshoes and remember-whens
i remember when you weren't so tough

sitting 'round the fire so wild and free
hanging out with my family tree
Roman, Houghney, Dowkus
Crockpots and laughing, shouting
Three generations for all to see...


released March 22, 2015




Curtis Chris Roman Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I am Curtis. I write and record mostly Indie Folk songs.

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